Audjust API Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the Audjust API to analyze an audio file and receive the results via a webhook. We will use the HTTPie webapp to make the API request and to receive the webhook data. continue reading →

Unmute Web Audio Playback on iOS When Ringer is Muted

iOS has odd behavior when you try to play audio using the Web Audio API with the ringer switch off (set to mute/on vibrate): for some reason, there will be no audible playback. But if you try to play a regular but of audio using the audio element it ... continue reading →

Video Exports for Mobile Editing to Allow Users to Save Audio to their Camera Roll

On Audjust (formerly Mofi) we allow users to edit to edit their songs and download their modified version to continue using it, perhaps in their video editor (the main motivation for me to build Audjust was to allow me to adjust the length of audio to... continue reading →

Snappy UIs With WebAssembly and Web Workers

Our web app allows users can change the length of a song or find loops present in it for infinite listening, remixing, or for their next next video edit or performance. After uploading a song, there is an initial server-side analysis step after which... continue reading →

Audjust vs. Adobe Remix - A Comparison of Music Remixing Tools

Audjust (formerly Mofi) and Adobe Remix are two powerful tools that enable users to remix and adjust music to suit specific durations or preferences. While both products offer similar functionality, Audjust is geared towards simplicity and ease of use... continue reading →

Using Lemon Squeezy with Svelte and SvelteKit

Audjust (formerly Mofi) is a SvelteKit application and uses Lemon Squeezy to process payments for our subscriptions. We want to share a bit on how we integrate the latter to make for a more seamless developer experience since there is no native Svelte... continue reading →