Shorten or Lengthen a Song

Trim or extend songs to adjust music to your needs. Audjust's algorithm will analyze the song to prevent unexpected fadeouts or cuts. Works on mp3, wav, m4a, and most other files. Free and no account or download needed!

...or paste a link to a song online:
Make sure you have the applicable rights to any audio you submit to Audjust.

More Information

After your song is analyzed, you can specify how long you want to make it, allowing you to both lengthen or shorten the audio. You can also choose parts of the song you want to avoid or prefer in the final output and choose from a variety of export formats (wav and mp3 at different bitrates). You can sort the results by the number of cuts, length, quality, or a combined measure.

Screenshot of the application in edit mode

The generated audio is perfect for use in videos where the original isn't quite the length you want or if you don't like a certain part of a song.


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