Audjust can be used for free, but you can unlock more functionality and support the site by joining a plan. If you are looking to manage your subscription, please visit your profile page.

Looking for API pricing? See the API documentation for more information.


  • Shorten and lengthen songs
  • Extract seamless loops
  • Mark sections to prefer/avoid/loop
  • Does not allow commercial usage (anything you monetize, including by running ads)
  • Export in basic quality

Audjust has processed thousands of songs already and is loved by its users:

“This is a wild app”
“Tried it out. Really great. Just what I was missing.”
on ifun (translated)
“This is the coolest thing ever!”
“So cool to play around with!”
“This tool has saved me hours since I started using it”
anonymous feedback
“My word is this impressive”
“I tested it on opera music and it works perfectly”
on Telegram (translated)
“imagine turning on a taylor swift song in the car with someone and it just never ends”
“a new website that can save you a ton of time”

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