How to Seamlessly Remove Parts of a Song to Make It Shorter

If you’re looking to remove specific sections from a song without compromising its audio quality or creating jarring cuts, Audjust (formerly Mofi) is here to help. With Audjust’s advanced algorithms, you can seamlessly remove unwanted parts of a song while maintaining a natural and smooth transition. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to effortlessly remove sections of a song using Audjust’s intuitive interface.

Step 1: Upload and Select the Song

  1. Visit the Audjust website and select the option to upload a song.
  2. Choose the desired song from your local files or paste a link to an online source.
  3. Once uploaded, the song will be displayed in the Audjust editor.
  4. Enter the new desired duration of the song.

Step 2: Identify and Select the Part to Remove

  1. Play the song in the Audjust editor to familiarize yourself with its structure.
  2. Locate the specific part of the song that you want to remove, such as a verse, chorus, or instrumental break.

Step 3: Remove the Unwanted Part Seamlessly

  1. Drag on the waveform to highlight the part you want to remove.
  2. Once the unwanted section is selected, a menu opens. Look for the “avoid this” option in the editor’s menu and click on it.
  3. Audjust’s advanced algorithms will seamlessly fill the removed section to maintain a natural flow throughout the song.

Screenshot showing part of the song selected and the avoid menu option circled

Step 4: Preview and Fine-tune the Edit

  1. After removing the selected part, go through the results and click the play button to listen and verify the seamless transition.
  2. If you notice any inconsistencies or areas that require further adjustment, go back to the selection tools and refine your selection or try listening to another result.
  3. Experiment with different selections and edits until you achieve the desired result.

Step 5: Export the Edited Song

  1. Once you’re satisfied with the seamless removal, click on the export or download option in the Audjust editor.
  2. Choose the preferred audio format and quality for your edited song.
  3. Wait for the export process to complete, and then download the edited song to your device.

Thanks to Audjust’s powerful algorithms, removing parts of a song seamlessly has never been easier. With just a few simple steps, you can eliminate unwanted sections from a song while maintaining a natural audio flow. Whether you’re creating a customized soundtrack, preparing for a performance, or simply refining an audio edit, Audjust is your go-to tool for achieving seamless song edits without compromising on quality.

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